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Home is the most important place, and we understand that. Here at Tulsa Granite, we know the value of home, and we strive to treat your home like it is our own. Whether it is a new construction, or remodeling, projects small and large, we put the same amount of attention and detail into every project. We strive to go the extra mile and do the things that the other companies don’t.

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Professionalism, prompt service, and a safety mindset are paramount when working in a commercial setting. We embody these three ideals in every aspect of our company. When we are onsite, we are clean, dressed appropriately, use full PPE, and utilize equipment that is extremely well maintained. We strive to fabricate as much of the project in the shop as possible in order to minimize field modifications and increase efficiency. We are well versed at reading plans and spotting potential problems before they are set in stone. When problems arise, we find solutions.

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Granite - Granite is a natural material and provides superior resistance to heat and scratching.
Quartz - Quartz is a man-made material, made from natural quartz ore combined with resin and pigment to both replicate patterns from natural stone, as well as create patterns and colors not made in nature, such as vivid colors.
Marble - Marble is a natural calcium-based stone. Many marbles are popular for their white and grey colors.
Sandstone - Natural sandstone slabs are quarried right here in Oklahoma! This material is noted for its large variety of colors, and its wood like appearance.
Speciality Materials - Soapstone, quartzite, recycled glass and concrete, and terrazzo are a few examples of some specialty materials that we can fabricate. If you have something special you need, just let us know and we’ll see how we can help!

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Custom Surface Finishes

We also offer custom surface finishes to our customers. You can select from polished, leathered or brushed, honed, or caressed finishes. So when you are in need of a replacement surface or brand new installation custom surface for your countertops, pick up the phone and give us a call. We can provide you with options to look at and choose from, so you can fall in love with your countertops all over again. Feel free to browse our past projects, our quality work speaks for itself. You can also submit an inquiry through our website and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions or assist with your scheduling needs.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today so one of our friendly customer service representatives can answer your questions and assist with scheduling needs.

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Service Work

Service is perhaps most important not when a project is being done, but after a project is completed and something comes up. Whether it’s something simple, like a reseal or drilling a hole, or something more involved like widening a hole for a larger cooktop, or modifying existing pieces to fit a new application, we have the tools and the know how to get it done.

We will do service work to most any stone;
whether we fabricated it or not!

Service rates are as follows:

Reseal: $120
Drilling Holes: $50/hole
Seam Repair taking 1 hour: $185
Sink Repair taking 1 hour: $185
Custom work/onsite fabrication: $60 service call fee, time is $85/hr 30 minute minimum + materials

Adopting a very client-specific approach towards offering our professional services and noteworthy coverage has proven to bridge the gap between quality craftsmanship, standardized efficiency, and reliable service-based capacities available here locally in Tulsa, OK. (Re)installing modernized/upgraded countertops, customizing cabinetry for a kitchen & bathroom, supplying building materials & improvement products, or simply providing knowledgeable feedback regarding a particular client's project notwithstanding; we cater our various services and extend our coverage to accommodate each patron, project, or inquiry on a refreshingly individualized level. -- Business Owner --
Custom Kitchen Sink & Countertop
Custom Kitchen Countertop & Sink
Custom Bathroom Countertop & Sink
Custom Countertop & Sink
Custom Kitchen Countertop & Sink
Custom Kitchen Island Countertop

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